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Venix Rising

Yoga, Esoteric Arts, & Mystical Productions

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Tarot, Intuition, & Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Mentoring is one of the best ways to cultivate and hone your skills or to learn a new hobby or passion. Through tarot coaching, yoga teacher mentoring, or intuitive development sessions, you take the lead with your current skill set under the guidance of a person with a different perspective, understanding, and wisdom in the areas you wish to gain knowledge. Whether you're looking to deepen your connection to tarot and divination practices or you want to lead heartfelt, impactful yoga asana, meditation, or pranayama classes, mentoring allows you to follow your path of self-actualization.

Looking for a mentor? Email me and let's set up a time to discuss your goals.

Venix Rising LLC
Mystical events, esoteric education, yoga teacher training, & more.

Call or Text: 479-974-9111

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