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Tarot, Intuition Development, & Esoteric Arts Education

Tarot Study Circle Livestream Practice Group

Whether you are brand new to tarot or you've been a professional reader forever, we can all learn from each other. Join us each month on the 1st and 3rd Thursday for a Livestream gathering designed to enrich your understanding of how to read tarot cards for yourself and for others.

$10 per person. Registration is Required.

Tarot Awakening 10-Week Livestream Course

10-Week Online Course to help you cultivate your intuition and understanding of Tarot.

Learning tarot isn’t about memorizing a bunch of pretty cards.

Tarot decks are designed to connect to our intuition and allow us to understand choices, situations, and how to best navigate the challenges and opportunities we face. This 10-week interactive course provides you with an understanding of tarot cards, symbols, and how to read for yourself and others.

Through weekly lessons, practice readings, homework, journaling, and mindful exercises and activities, you will unlock a world of possibilities and deepen your connection to the tarot system. You will need a Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (or a close variant) for this class, a class notebook, and a notebook to use as a daily journal (class notebook and journal may be combined as needed).

Coming Fall 2023

Tarot Journey: Patterns, Cycles,

& Awareness Livestream Workshop

Tarot cards offer more than in-the-moment advice. You can detect patterns in your life by combining tarot wisdom with numerology and astrology. Join Chelsea for a 2-hour hands-on workshop to develop your own Tarot Journey plan and discover how your past often repeats itself… and how to better prepare for those future events.

No tarot knowledge is needed to attend this workshop. Participants are encouraged to use their own 78-card tarot deck (please no Oracle or other Guidance cards for this workshop) and a calculator.

Empaths & Shadow Work Livestream Workshop

Empaths naturally soak up the energies around them, often finding themselves “stuck” in situations or relationships that are damaging, toxic, and destructive. These challenges are typically repetitive patterns that encourage addiction, co-dependency, chronic pain, depression, or other, everyday obstacles. By working with the Shadow Self, empaths are better able to create healthy boundaries and even cultivate a stronger connection as a healing force in this world.

This workshop will help identify and validate the Empath Experience while helping to work in the Shadows to finally put those unhealthy tendencies aside and allow a better expression of the Empath Self to arise.

Esoteric Explorations Livestream Group

Invest in your SELF and discover worlds of esoteric information in our Esoteric Explorations Study Group. Weekly Live/Virtual discussions for those seeking an understanding of esoteric and metaphysical concepts and/or those who wish to deepen their intuitive connection.

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