Crystals, Gemstones, Rocks… and How to Stay in the Moment

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved rocks. As an earth sign with an earth sign ascendant, I feel most at home with my feet and/or hands firmly planted in the ground. As a child, I was given a mineral specimen kit with the tiny rocks glued onto a piece of paper. Sulfur was slightly smelly. Quartz was clear. Jasper was colorful. My favorite in that kit, obsidian, was black, sharp, and shiny. I loved to feel the surface of that tiny piece of earth and fire, cooled by water and wind. It was oddly calming in times when life was certainly not calm.

When I was first officially introduced to crystals, my family had just moved to Arkansas, where natural crystal mines are abundant in the Ouachita Mountains. We lived about an hour from Hot Springs, which was one of my favorite places to visit, usually because of the rock shops and crystal stands on the way. The city of Hot Springs was also the backdrop to many, many fun adventures during those wacky college years, but those are stories for another time. This is about rocks… crystals… and being IN the moment (not looking back).

How do crystals and rocks keep us in the moment? What is grounding? Why do we need these things?

For me, I want to do all the things all the time, spinning plates and taking names. I’m pretty good at keeping those plates spinning… because I also have a pretty big helping of crippling anxiety to keep me going so I don’t fuck things up. Which, of course, leads to insomnia, which actually (get this), is exacerbated by anxiety, and vice versa (whoa, go catch that toppling plate real quick!) What helps?

  • Grounding myself during a long walk in the woods (haha, like I have time for that).
  • Getting out of my head and breathing/meditating (which is great, given the copious amount of yoga I do).
  • Yoga (yep, I know).
  • Herbal remedies (ahem).

That said, we all know it isn’t easy to just drop everything and meditate, run through a quick yoga flow, or find a local… herb dealer. So rocks are a good solution. Gemstones are a pretty solution. Crystals are a vibe-fixing solution. Basically, these chunks of earth let us decorate our world while providing energies for calm, creativity, self-confidence, etc.

Yep, ok, but HOW?

Well, in a nutty nut shell, we are all energy. We vibrate at different frequencies. Flowers, food, water, sound, everything has some type of measurable frequency. The theory is that as energetic bodies, we will try to match our energy with another object, person, animal… or even a rock. Quartz crystal, for example, has a frequency and ability to conduct energy (which is why we use quartz in watches and electronics). Some say it has a memory (which is why we can close our laptop screen and it will pop open right where we left off). When energies connect and try to match frequencies, they begin to resonate together. When things resonate together, the frequency grows stronger. You raise your vibration. You work your energetic channels in your body (nadis, meridians, chakras) and zhush up the prana or chi.


Rocks feel good. They remind us of the earth. The earth keeps us from floating into space. We are energy. Rocks are energy. We vibe.




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