Harvest Moon (Oct 1, 2020) ~ How to Use this Full Moon in Aries Energy

Shine on, Harvest Moon: Fall Equinox, Mars Retrograde, and Pumpkin Spice Everything!

harvest moon oct 2020 magicSomething unique about the upcoming full moon is that it is the first of TWO full moons this October. The second full moon is what we often refer to as a blue moon (y’know, when we get a new smurf in the world!), but first… let’s get this Harvest Moon going!

The Harvest Moon (Bear Moon, Corn Moon, etc.) is so named because it is the first full moon after the biggest harvest of the year (around September 20 – Fall Equinox). Harvests are (hopefully) abundant which is why we begin to celebrate those bounties for the weeks following with tons of food and festivities (think about all the fall festivals coming our way!). We love the harvest. It gives us enough food for today and enough food to store for the winter and it shows that we have worked our tookuses off for the last nine months or more. On top of those amazing veggies and the culmination of a year (the growing year is ending so we go into a dormant/hibernation energy after Halloween), this particular Harvest Moon is a Full Moon in Aries.

Full Moon in Aries? Sure, why not?

Aries energy is filled with fire. Impulsive. Super fun. Super Sparky in that way that will likely explode under all of the wrong circumstances (and some of the right ones). Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet that is all about action… but that planet is also in retrograde through the middle of November. So think about that time you really, really needed to sneeze. The sneeze to end all sneezes… building up, growing, cutting off all sense of reason, oxygen, and understanding of the world. The most EPIC sneeze ever… ready to go in 3….2….1… PINEAPPLE!

That is Mars Retrograde energy. All this fire and build up and ready to rock the world… literally just stops with no closure. THERE WAS NO SNEEZE AND NOW WE ARE SAD. That’s the energy flavor we’re acclimating to.

So, we bring that into a Full Moon that stirs up emotions and feelings and hopes and dreams. Normally, a Full Moon in Aries is a moment to reflect on what we are doing to hold ourselves back. Aries is the beginning (a new moon in Aries, for example, is the lunar new year), and the Aries full moon is the culmination of the things we began intentionally leaving behind last March/April (culmination, but not the end). This full moon in Aries, on top of the Harvest Moon of abundance energy will actually challenge us to decide on ONE thing that we are just super darn tired of and kindly allow it to release before cutting the cord. We’ve got SO MANY THINGS to sneeze at… but only one is going to be the answer to moving forward.

Well, ok… so now what? Now… we enjoy the harvest. We’ve had a lot of time to go within and grow our own ideas, get rid of the things in our lives that weren’t working, and begin to understand where we are heading (or where we don’t want to head). You already know what you want to do, so now we begin the process of tending the field after the harvest for what will come next.

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