Healer's Open House at Samskara Yoga

Healers Open House at Samskara Yoga

Join us for a weekend of reconnection and release! We’ll have readers, energy healers, shopping, and plenty of opportunities to learn how to create and connect with your own powerful Self.

Schedule of Events & Available Sessions/Appointments

Friday, May 20, 2022

4:00-5:30PM | ReikiYin and Moon Messages (Aerial or Mat Spaces Available) In an aerial yoga hammock or on a yoga mat, this session will help you build, release and move energy through your body, bringing clarity of mind and a renewal of spirit. Tarot messages will also be given at the end of the session, allowing you to understand fully embrace the next steps on your journey. All bodies and levels of yoga and energy healing experience are encouraged to participate in this class, including beginners! Reserve your spot early – limited spaces are available in our aerial hammocks ($55) or on the floor ($45). Click here to reserve your aerial hammock or floor space.

6-7PM | Pride Yoga: Gemini Rising! Come out and play in this accessible and EXTRA yoga class. Dress for a fun flow, but don’t be shy! This is your moment to shine and to be YOU! This class is suited for all levels of yoga and movement experience, plus fun music, fun sequences, and some of that Gemini spice that makes the world so nice. $22 Drop-in or use your current class pass. Click here to register for Pride Yoga: Gemini Rising!

7:30-9PM | Drumming with Shunka! Get ready to release some stress, restore some spirit, and rock some rhythms with Shunka! Drumming gets your heart racing, energy pumping, and allows you to express yourself while sharing the moment with a diverse and inclusive community. Limited drums will be available for participants or bring your own drums or percussion instruments. Reserve your spot ($10 suggested donation per person) and bring on the beats! Register at this link and get ready to jam the night away! 

Saturday, May 21, 2022: 12-6 Healers Open House Networking & Shopping


1-3PM | Tarot Symbols & Sigils Workshop Tarot is an intricate system of art and intuition that helps clarify our thoughts and provide guidance in our decisions. Most of the time, we already have the answers we need, but our self-doubt and fear of failure limits our response. Tarot gives us the opportunity to push that aside and listen to our intuition so we can confidently decide our path, our speed, and our next steps.

This tarot workshop allows you to gain information from your deck of cards quickly, using common symbols and artwork impressions to jumpstart your own intuitive tarot journey.

$45/person. Participants must bring their own Rider-Waite-Smith style tarot deck, pen, and journal.
Register for Tarot Symbols & Sigils Workshop Here

3-5PM Astrology Patterns or Possibilities: It’s Written in YOUR Stars In your birth chart, there are small and grand discoveries that all add up to the unique person you are in the world. In this workshop, learn about your Nodes, what you can accomplish in this lifetime, and the patterns you’re here to break. Bring a notebook, pen/pencil, and your phone so we can work with your birth chart. $45/person. Register for Astrology Patterns or Possibilities Workshop Here

6:30-8PM | Samskara Soundscape Experience Float in a hammock or reserve a spot on the floor for this incredible meditative and energy-moving soundscape. You’ll be situated between the sound and rhythmic waves of crystal bowls, gong, and healing drums, finding a sense of renewal and self through release and restoration. This Samskara Soundscape experience brings the practices of energy, sound, and rhythm healing together to celebrate how far you’ve come while transforming you for the next steps on your personal journey. $55/Aerial Hammock Float or $45 Floor Space. Click here to reserve your aerial hammock or floor space for the Samskara Soundscape Experience!

Sunday, May 22, 2022: 12-6 Healers Open House Networking & Shopping


1-3PM | Empaths and Shadow Work Empaths naturally soak up the energies around them, often finding themselves “stuck” in situations or relationships that are damaging, toxic, and destructive. These challenges are typically repetitive patterns that encourage addiction, co-dependency, chronic pain, depression, or other, everyday obstacles. By working with the Shadow Self, empaths are better able to create healthy boundaries and even cultivate a stronger connection as a healing force in this world. This workshop will help identify and validate the Empath Experience while helping to work in the Shadows to finally put those unhealthy tendencies aside and allow a better expression of the Empath Self to arise. Attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen/pencil. $45/person. Register for Empaths and Shadow Work Workshop Here

3-4 PM | Waning Moon Cord Cutting Ready to cut ties with the crap that seems to keep finding you? Energetic cord-cutting allows us to let go of the people, habits, and situations that are creating conflict in our minds and spirit. In this meditation, we will explore these connections, what they may mean in your experience, and how to sever those ties that are holding you back. $35/person.  Click here to register for the Waning Mood Cord Cutting Meditation

Healer's Open House
May 21-22, 2022
List of Services

Healers Open House at Samskara YogaTarot Readings (Venix Rising or Divine Soul Empress)

Pre-Book by May 7: $108/1 Hour

$125/1 Hour Walk-in or after May 7 | $75/45 Mins Walk-in or after May 7

Reiki or Integrated Emotional Therapy/IET (Divine Soul Empress or Trinity Gifts)

Pre-Book by May 7: $108/1 Hour

$125/1 Hour Walk-in or after May 7 | $25/20 Minute Mini-Session

Intuitive Art Soul Portrait (Trinity Gifts)

Pre-Book by May 7: $33/15 minute session

$44/15 Minute session Walk-in or after May 7

Soul Mission Crystal Reading (Venix Rising)

Pre-book ONLY by May 14. $55/30 Mins + PDF report

Intuitive Readings with Food Healing Oracle Deck (Linda/Pawsitive Angels)

$25 (suggested donation) for 45 Minutes.