Meet Chelsea of Venix Rising

I do this thing where I see which pages y’all are reading (or accidentally clicking) and this one keeps winning… so, I guess I’ll let you meet me.

That photo up (or over) there, that’s me. Only, that’s me trying not to run away and dive my head into the sand during a beautiful and amazing photo shoot by s a schinsky photography. My parents were photographers, so I blame them (obviously) for my horrified expressions in every photo taken of me. The real me is just super happy behind the scenes, making things happen.

Then my Hermit Year began in 2019, and evidently, that meant I was in for a year of being out in the public, in photos, on video, and pretty much as un-hermitty as you can imagine. Now that that year has ended, we are in the throes of the COVID pandemic, and I am officially 45, fuck it all. Nothing makes sense anymore.

I’m a mom of 4 amazing children, pack leader of 3 doggos, 3 cats, and a Gemini Spusband. I spent too many years writing content for others, publishing their websites and books and as fate would have it, now I have a yoga business that is being supported by an unintended woowoo world business. I teach others how to practice yoga (spoiler alert: hot yoga is bullshit) and how to be angsty yoga teachers in a world that needs yoga SO MUCH but seems to think yoga is only for the pretty/elite. I know a ton about crystals and rocks and I’m always learning that I know NOTHING about crystals and rocks. I read tarot cards, meditate, take road trips, and post memes. I once offered soul to the Universe as a healer. It has since taken me up on that offer while pointing and laughing at me.

I’m probably not your cup of tea. Most days, I’m not even my own cup of tea. But together, we can muddle through this website and share a face masked, half smile… or I’ll even buy you a beer.