New Moon in Libra | October 16, 2020

New Moon in Libra | October 16, 2020

new moon libra 2020I love new moon energy. The thought that we can just wipe the slate clean, start over, find something new and better to hoist us into the future. The last moon cycle didn’t do it for you? Here’s another. Try again. This one is lemon-scented and has 40% less carbs. I mean, what’s not to love about that?

Recently, I’ve had a few discussions about moon cycles and what they mean because we are so used to hearing about and working within a 30-day (29.6 day) moon cycle. But that whole, “new moon, new you” thing is a bit of a fallacy. Working with moon energy takes a bit longer than 30 days (which means P A T I E N C E, dammit), giving us reasons to jump into some overalls and use the full moon cycles in the same way as they were (and are still) used agriculturally.

The broader moon cycle is connected to the zodiac/constellation that the moon is “crossing” during the year. So, our upcoming New Moon in Libra begins that particular cycle for the next year, starting on October 16 (New Moon in Libra) and culminating (not ending) with the Full Moon in Libra (Worm Moon or Crow Moon) on March 28, 2021.

TL;DR: The seeds you plant for the New Moon this month will begin to bear fruit next March. Not in 29.6 days.

What seeds should we plant? Seeds for the future is the obvious answer, and that is so very true for this new moon. Libra energy is intellectual, driven by connection and balance. During this new cycle, you are asked to dream big and communicate/clarify those dreams so you can begin to work toward your soul purpose. The Libra moon gives you a chance to really play out those big dreams, as ridiculous as they may seem so that you can open up to the possibilities in the future. No matter how wacky or unrealistic, this is the time to brainstorm.

Ask yourself: What new seeds are needed in your garden? What seeds didn’t work over the last year? What would you like to plant, nurture, and grow in your future that you’ve never taken seriously? What are the possible steps to embodying your soul mission?

Dream big during these weeks. Plant seeds of hope, optimism, and abundance.

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