New Moon in Scorpio & Friday the 13th!

As if that election wasn’t scary enough, amirite? Ha!

Things have been pretty wonky at the Venix Rising HQ. October was our busiest month ever, leading into more events, shopping, and wisdom for the months to come. That super expansive New Moon in Libra gave us the energy we needed to really open our minds to possibilities… so we did, and now we are collectively and globally about to face the music of what we began creating last month. Yikes.

Which, of course, means that we get to get rid of all the stuff that just doesn’t FEEL right anymore. New Moons give us the energy for newness, for hope, for a little bit of rebellion, too. New Moons in Scorpio give us the energy to begin the process of rebirth… perhaps even a rebellious rebirth. One caution, however, with the Jupiter & Pluto conjuncts this New Moon, any rebirth or rebellion needs to have a strong moral and ethical basis.

We take the best of those ideas from the New Moon in Libra and we hold them, obsessively, while releasing everything else that just didn’t work. Sometimes you need to just choke the crap out of something to get it to bloom… so says succulent gardening culture (or, did I hear that wrong?). Scorpio energy isn’t much different. It is heavy, transformative, and unsettlingly dark at times… but we all need to face some of that darkness, despair, and regret so we can heal it and move on.

Scorpio energy can, at times, feel very victimizing. We often feel that way when things begin to break up around us, that we are somehow being singled out by the Universe so that we can be miserable forever and ever. In that state of fight or flight (because, trauma) we tend to overreact or just get super numb. Sometimes that means we feel justified as “victims” to act out, be big meanie heads, or to play the martyr game. Because a New Moon carries FRESH energy, we can go into this transformative cycle knowing that we are not victims. We can make choices that benefit us without letting the Universe, our boss, neighbors, spouses, or Internet trolls shit on our dreams.

Scorpio is the essence of the phoenix rising from the ashes… when that energy doesn’t get overwhelmed by the crumbling. This New Moon, remember that those crumbles are just part of the process of emerging anew, and if they were meant to stay with you, they would.

Now… with this whole sexy-scary New Moon in Scorpio, we have a witchy Friday the 13th vibe on top, just following Halloween/Samhain’s full blue moon in Taurus (*gasp breathe gasp*). So there’s all sorts of reasons right now to be super spooky… and be accused of heresy and witchcraft. After all, there’s no better way to celebrate a day (Friday the 13th) than to be the witches it wants us to be. Is the number 13 unlucky? No. Is it attached to patriarchy and the destruction of the divine feminine? Yep. Are we gonna dance naked around a bonfire on Friday the 13th? No, but we are going to have a New Moon in Scorpio Energy Circle at Samskara Yoga & Healing… which is kind of the same thing. Just bring your mask.

Click here to register for the New Moon in Scorpio Energy Circle at Samskara Yoga & Healing or subscribe to our new Venix Rising You Tube Channel to watch the video!

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