Tarot Readings & Crystal Healing Consultations

Virtual/Online tarot readings.

Private party tarot readings.

Drop-in tarot readings coming 2022 (Johnson County, AR)

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Tarot readers, psychics, and fortunetellers can cultivate clarity in your life. These esoteric artists provide insight to clean up the cobwebs of uncertainty that can prevent you from moving forward. When you consult with a reader, you get answers, find solutions, and take back your power. Our professional readers are ready to assist you in discovering the truths in your life, what your soul purpose is, and how to navigate the current circumstances and choices surrounding your life.

Common topics that people seek readers’ advice for include career, education, entrepreneurship, love, personal development, and the timing of events. For example:

  • What is holding back my career success at this time?
  • Is it wise for me to change jobs?
  • What obstacles are preventing the success of my business?
  • What business strengths I should invest in?

  • Should I pursue an academic degree or other specialization?

  • Why can’t I break bad relationship habits and find new love?

  • What was I meant to learn from my last love relationship?

  • What am I currently doing really well, but not acknowledging?
  • What’s one of my current key life lessons?
  • What messages are my spirit guides sending?

Tarot readers, psychics, angel readers, and other divine guidance seers can not tell you the absolute future. Fortunetellers are not able to predict lottery numbers or give you an inside look into your neighbors’ habits. What they can do is allow you to understand what is happening, why it is happening, and the choices you can make to increase your own level of happiness in life. All readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered legal, medical, or tax advice under any circumstances.

Readings and other services are regularly held in-person at Vinyard Vinyasa in Johnson County, AR, or via Zoom. We are also available for pop-up events, parties, and festivals! Email venixrising@gmail.com for info.

Our Services Include:

Tarot Readings: When problems arise in life, it can be difficult to know which way to go or what the right solution may be. Tarot cards aid us in unlocking intuition and validating thoughts and impressions so we know what steps to take next.

Chakra Cleansing w/Crystals & Sound: Using a combination of sound therapeutics and crystals, we can work through energetic blockages, create more focus, get a better night’s sleep, or address other wellness challenges. Add on time in our aerial hammocks for only $33 more per session (please contact us directly to book hammock time).

Energetic Cord Cutting: Energetic cord cutting brings closure and healing to those who are affected by negative/toxic relationships, habits/addictions, and negative thoughtforms. Through deep relaxation techniques, body scanning, and crystal healing, we are able to locate the cord(s) that drive negative energies, remove them, and replenish the energetic wounds that remain.

Reiki/Energy Healing: Energy healing can be found in many traditions, including Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Pranic Healing, and more. These healing modalities channel, cleanse, and clarify energies within the physical and subtle bodies, depending on the overall goal of each session. Sessions may include crystals, tuning forks, or other services.

Energy & Sound Frequency Healing: Using energy healing with electronic sound frequencies (binaural beats), we can achieve a deeper state of relaxation and help stimulate healthier patterns within the brain to soothe anxiety, stress, and help with certain sleep disturbances.

Crystal Message Interpretation or Crystal Healing Consultations: When seeking information from a higher Source, often the messages we need to hear are hidden in plain sight. Through crystals and gemstones, we can access these messages and secrets in order to give us a deeper understanding of our own purpose, direction, and soul calling. Crystals and gemstones can also be used to encourage healthier energy and states of being, attracting prosperity, luck, self-confidence, and more.

Intuitive Development Coaching: Learning how to navigate through life can be challenging. From family issues to career, relationships, and fulfilling your own life purpose, the world may seem to throw obstacle after obstacle in your way.