Tarot Journey Workshop (Online Only)

Tarot cards offer more than in-the-moment advice. You can detect patterns in your life by combining tarot wisdom with numerology and astrology. Join Chelsea for a 2-hour hands-on workshop to develop your own Tarot Journey plan and discover how your past often repeats itself… and how to better prepare for those future events.
No tarot knowledge is needed to attend this workshop. Participants are encouraged to use their own 78-card tarot deck (please no Oracle or other Guidance cards for this workshop) and a calculator.

Nov 4 @ 5PM CST/6PM EST or Nov 7 @ 9AM CST/10AM EST


Chelsea began reading tarot cards and using other systems of divination as a child and has decades of experience with concepts in healing, astrology, numerology, intentional magic, and moon dancing. As an energy worker, reiki master, and yoga teacher, she brings holistically tantric and energetic insights into today’s challenges and struggles.

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